Yamaha: Built For That

Client: Yamaha
Services: Design, Print, Video Editing
Agency:: Edelman

Built For That.

Yamaha is considered to be the #1 watercraft in the water. In order for you to feel good, you must also look good. We took Yamaha’s brand and brought them to a level of marketability that is unmatched from their previous years.

01. Print

We drew inspiration through everything, from Wakesport magazines to Vox Media content, in order to find the happy medium between Yamaha tradition and forward, relevant design. My focus was to captivate the essence of the product through a layout that could breath. With a dash of brutalist style and a bit of a metro, we crafted something that was a stand out piece for the dealerships and boat shows.

01. Production and Post

Our goal was to showcase and preview the new lineup without the audience being sold something. We developed commercial spots that focused more on what the water
crafts were built to do – the moments that you can potentially create with them.


Over 6 months of hard work, gained us the spot of becoming Yamaha’s brand agency. Through our efforts, Edelman now produces the print, digital, and video content for their Boats and Waverunners each year.

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